The TriVita Compensation Plan Explained

by David Walker on 02/02/2012

TriVita Compensation PlanAre you confused about the TriVita compensation plan? Here you will find their compensation plan simplified to make it easier to understand.

TriVita is a health and wellness company that markets their products through direct sales. TriVita’s sales representatives are called Affiliate Members.

The TriVita Compensation Plan – Simplified


How much does it cost to enroll in the TriVita business?

Currently, there is no cost to join TriVita.

What are VitaPoints?

VitaPoints – a point system in the TriVita compensation plan allotted to each product. For example, Nopalea is worth 40 VitaPoints.

How many VitaPoints are needed to maintain your status?

At the lowest, affiliate level, you will need to maintain at least 40 VitaPoints per month. You can achieve this with your personal order most likely.

As you progress in your TriVita career, you will have to maintain a higher number of VitaPoints monthly.

TriVita also factors in your total group sales volume in VitaPoints in order to determine your rank. This includes your own personal volume plus the volume of your members and other affiliate members in your downline.

What is the Reward Value?

So, each product has a certain amount of VitaPoints AND its own Reward Value. The reward value determines what percentage of the product you will get paid on.

For 60 days on all new members and affiliate members – you get 100% (reward value)

After the 60 day period – you get 80% (reward value)

Bonuses offered by the TriVita compensation plan

There are bonuses in place to boost your income when you are actively selling their products. For example, they have a weekly bonus and a monthly leadership bonus. How much you earn will depend on your rank and title.

Getting paid on your total team – affiliate members and members

You not only get paid on the affiliate members and members you personally bring in. But you also get paid on your total group of affiliate members and members down through 7 tiers.

Luckily, the TriVita compensation plan offers a uni-level plan with compression, which means that if someone is not active in your team, they will not count in the 7 tier lineup.

There are actually two uni-level plans in the TriVita compensation plan – one is for the members and one for member affiliates – and each offers a different level of compensation. This is where you can truly earn a residual income, and that’s what this business is all about – one of the perks!

TriVita Co-Op Advertising – how does it work?

Basically, you can buy contacts (leads) acquired through TriVita’s advertising. And you can also buy customers. You will earn compensation whenever these customers/contact purchase products in the future.

What other ways can you market TriVita?

Currently, a lot of marketers are learning how to generate their own leads online. This methods brands you as a leader, and in turn, can lead to long term rewards in your TriVita business.

Can you learn to generate leads online?

There are marketing systems in place that you can plug into – these systems give you step-by-step instructions on how to generate leads online. I got started with a marketing system that took me from a complete beginner to now getting leads every single day. Click Here to see a video presentation of the system I use.

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